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New Campaign Demands Transparency and Accountability from Dark Money Mass Fiscal Alliance

Educators and Health Care Workers Call Out MassFiscal’s Campaign of Dirty Politics, Refusal to Disclose Donors BOSTON — Massachusetts educators and health care workers today launched a new public education campaign, MassFiscal Exposed, demanding transparency and accountability from the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, the Tea Party-affiliated dark money group that has spent hundreds of thousands of …

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Right-Wing Venom Positioned To Leach Into Massachusetts

David S. Bernstein, WGBH Boston

Several months ago, I dialed into a member organizing call for the National Stop Elizabeth Warren Committee, a Super PAC actively recruiting on Facebook—and by recruiting, I mean posting and paying to promote nasty stories and memes insulting Warren. On the call, there wasn’t much organization or strategy discussed; the two women who run the group, Tina Goff of Iowa and Sarah de la …

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Fiscal irresponsibility from Mass Fiscal Alliance

Commonwealth Magazine

Blocking Safe Communities Act would drive up state and local costs IN DECEMBER, when you open your mailbox, you’re used to the usual flow of holiday cards from relatives and old friends, as well as end-of-year fundraising solicitations. However, residents of towns from Pittsfield to Hull recently got something else: an incendiary mailer attacking select …

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Union Partnership Waging Online Fight Against Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance

By Andy Metzger, State House News Service

BOSTON — For years the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has needled Democratic lawmakers in Massachusetts, sending mass mailers to voters to criticize their voting records. Since the group formed in 2012, state laws have been changed to broaden campaign finance disclosure requirements, and MassFiscal’s founder, Republican Rick Green, launched a bid to replace retiring Congresswoman Niki …

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Higgins joins complaint against Mass. Fiscal Alliance

By David Dore, Leominster Champion

State Rep. Natalie Higgins has joined a complaint filed with a state agency against the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, a group that has targeted her with three mailings since she took office a year ago. The Leominster Democrat, along with state Sen. Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton) and the Massachusetts Democratic Party, filed the complaint Feb. 20 with …

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Mass. Fiscal Alliance disclosure sought

By Michael P. Norton, State House News Service

BOSTON — Lawmakers who say they’ve been targeted recently in their districts by the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance were calling on state regulators Tuesday to force the non-profit group to register as a political committee and disclose its donors. A complaint, obtained by the News Service and signed by Sen. Jamie Eldridge, D-Acton, and Rep. Natalie …

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Farley-Bouvier pushes back against ‘bullying’ Mass Fiscal Alliance mailer

By Amanda Drane, The Berkshire Eagle, December 13, 2017

PITTSFIELD — The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has once again targeted state Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier with an eye-catching flyer that arrived in city mailboxes in recent days. The issue this time? Her support for the Safe Communities Act, which would prohibit local law enforcement from detaining undocumented immigrants for federal immigration violations. It would also bar …

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Mass Fiscal’s Fraud by “Poll”

Maurice Cunningham - WGBH News May 28, 2015

Back when Eduard A. Shevardnadze was running for re-election as President of Georgia, the story goes, an aide came to see him to report on the election returns: “Mr. President, I have good news and bad news. The good news is, you won in a landslide. The bad news is, no one voted for you.” …

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Telling the truth

Cape Cod Times If there were anything that we as a society could do without these days, it is the preponderance of political mistruths masquerading as legitimate public discourse. That’s why we admire state Rep. Brian Mannal’s bold attempt to fight the lies leveled against him last fall by the Jobs First political action committee. …

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