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MassFiscal Exposed Submits Public Records Request to Uncover Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance’s Dark Money Fundraising Activities

BOSTON— MassFiscal Exposed, a recently-launched public education campaign, today filed a public records request with the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF), seeking access to the fundraising appeals of the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance (MassFiscal). The Tea Party-affiliated MassFiscal is a conservative dark money group that has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to influence our local elections without disclosing which corporations or individuals are funding its activities.

Just this week, the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance announcedthat they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to send 800,000 pieces of mail to voters in “different legislative districts from Pittsfield to Provincetown,” without disclosing any information about where the money is coming from.

“Voters are tired of MassFiscal’s dirty politics and secretive spending, and we’re going to pursue every opportunity to shine light on their dark money political activities,” said Steve Crawford, spokesman for MassFiscal Exposed.“We’re ready to hold them accountable and restore transparency to Massachusetts elections by any means necessary.”

Over the past several years, the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has sent countless negative campaign mailings to Massachusetts voters, attacking local Democratic elected officials. By exploiting a loophole in the Internal Revenue Service code, MassFiscal spends unknown amounts of money on political activities without disclosing the source of its funds.

In an August 2016 resolution agreement, OCPF recommended that the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance “request OCPF’s review of all solicitations for funds, regardless of the recipient . . . [to] ensure future compliance with the campaign finance law.” The public records request filed today with OCPF seeks “any solicitations, whether in final or draft form, submitted to OCPF for its review by the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, Inc., or any person or entity affiliated with or representing it” as well as “any document wherein Mass Fiscal describes or references its activities, mission, or focus.”

MassFiscal claims to be non-partisan, nonprofit organization that it is “promoting social welfare,” but every member of MassFiscal’s board is a conservative Republican Party donor or operative, and they blatantly target only areas where right-wing Republican challengers are running against Democratic elected officials.

“It’s obvious that MassFiscal exists solely to hide the identity of the wealthy individuals and corporations who are spending money to attack pro-worker state legislators,” said Crawford. “Working people in Massachusetts have had enough, and we won’t stop until we expose all of MassFiscal’s dark money donors.”

Read MassFiscal’s public records request by clicking the link below.

OCPF Public Records Request re. MassFiscal