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Farley-Bouvier pushes back against ‘bullying’ Mass Fiscal Alliance mailer

By Amanda Drane, The Berkshire Eagle, December 13, 2017

PITTSFIELD — The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has once again targeted state Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier with an eye-catching flyer that arrived in city mailboxes in recent days. The issue this time? Her support for the Safe Communities Act, which would prohibit local law enforcement from detaining undocumented immigrants for federal immigration violations. It would also bar …

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Mass Fiscal’s Fraud by “Poll”

Maurice Cunningham - WGBH News May 28, 2015

Back when Eduard A. Shevardnadze was running for re-election as President of Georgia, the story goes, an aide came to see him to report on the election returns: “Mr. President, I have good news and bad news. The good news is, you won in a landslide. The bad news is, no one voted for you.” …

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Telling the truth

Cape Cod Times If there were anything that we as a society could do without these days, it is the preponderance of political mistruths masquerading as legitimate public discourse. That’s why we admire state Rep. Brian Mannal’s bold attempt to fight the lies leveled against him last fall by the Jobs First political action committee. …

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Advocacy nonprofit fined $31G by state

By Matt Stout, Boston Herald

An obscure nonprofit with ties to Bay State Republicans is accused of disguising more than $1.2 million in donations from businesses, wealthy advocates, and even Mitt Romney’s federal committee before funneling them toward two failed ballot questions backed by Gov. Charlie Baker, state officials disclosed yesterday. The group, Strong Economy for Growth, was ordered to …

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Citizens in support of the Safe Communities Act

By Canton Citizen   Dear Editor: Households in Rep. Bill Galvin’s district have received a flyer from the Mass Fiscal Alliance opposing his sponsorship of the Safe Communities Act (S.305, H.3269). This bill would limit the cooperation that state officials give to federal immigration officials. Governor Charlie Baker has issued a statement opposing the measure, …

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Rep. Galvin responds to mailer

Canton Citizen, December 30, 2017 By State Rep. Bill Galvin   We are fortunate to live in a country that guarantees numerous freedoms, including freedom of religion, speech, property, and protection against arrest without cause. If we do run into trouble with the law, we are also assured the right to legal counsel, to be …

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Democrats to electorate: Beware Mass. Fiscal Alliance

Sentinel & Enterprise, November 11, 2017   This is an open letter to Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance in the hopes that it will resist sending a regional mailer designed to confuse and frighten potential voters in North Central Massachusetts about the Democratic candidate for Worcester/Middlesex district special election for state Senate. In the past two elections for …

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Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance should come clean

Months after voting themselves a pay raise, Statehouse Democrats are still getting slammed with criticism. And rightfully so given the state’s difficult financial straits, which only look to get more harsh as Massachusetts absorbs Trump administration decisions to scale back insurance coverage granted by the Affordable Care Act. The trouble is, the vehicle bearing most …

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