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Let’s Tell the MassFiscal Board to Keep Dark Money and Dirty Politics Out of Massachusetts!

Voters are fed up with dark money trying to influence our local elections with false claims, and we’re calling out the Mass Fiscal Alliance’s dirty politics. We demand their board of directors disclose MassFiscal’s donors and restore transparency to Massachusetts elections.

Over the past few years, the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has sent countless negative campaign mailings to Massachusetts voters, attacking local Democratic elected officials with fictitious accusations. By exploiting a loophole in the Internal Revenue Service code, MassFiscal spends unknown amounts of money on political activities without disclosing the source of its funds, including potentially out-of-state or foreign donations.

MassFiscal claims to be non-partisan and that it is “promoting social welfare,” but every member of MassFiscal’s board is a conservative Republican Party donor or operative, and they blatantly target only areas where right wing Republican challengers are running against Democratic elected officials.

If you have had enough of the lies and dirty politics, then join us in saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to the Mass Fiscal Alliance by demanding that their board of directors disclose their donors!

MassFiscal Exposed is a joint project of the Massachusetts Teachers Association and 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, Massachusetts Division. Our organizations are committed to exposing dark money in our state politics and preventing it from influencing our local elections. We demand transparency and accountability from dark money groups.

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