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Who Are They?

The Mass Fiscal Alliance claims to be “a non-partisan, IRS recognized 501(c)(4) non-profit organization.” In reality, it is a tea party-affiliated super PAC funded with undisclosed “dark money.” MassFiscal is engaged in a campaign of dirty politics against incumbent Democratic state representatives, many of whom have tea party-backed opponents in the November 2018 election.

Staff Members

The Mass Fiscal Alliance was initially led by New Jersey native and registered lobbyist Paul Diego Craney, who recently moved to Massachusetts after serving as executive director of the District of Columbia Republican Party. He has been so secretive about his work with MassFiscal that upon his resignation from his political jobs in Washington, D.C., he refused to disclose any information about the Mass Fiscal Alliance to The Washington Post.

The Mass Fiscal Alliance has used dark money contributions to hire several other GOP insiders. It hired Craney’s wife, registered lobbyist and conservative activist Laurie Belsito Craney, who came to Massachusetts from her job at the far-right Washington-based Heritage Foundation, an organization that is heavily funded by the Koch brothers and is known for attacking the working poor and other vulnerable groups. The alliance also hired former Republican State Committee member Carl Copeland, a longtime GOP operative who served as chief of staff to conservative Republican State Representative Ryan C. Fattman, who gained notoriety for his view that illegal immigrants who are victims of rape “should be afraid to come forward.”

Mass Fiscal Alliance Key Staff and Board of Directors

  • Carl Copeland, Interim Executive Director – Republican political campaign operative and former Republican legislative staff member
  • Laurie Belsito Craney, Legislative Director – Conservative activist and former Heritage Foundation staff member
  • Anne J. Bresnahan, Finance Director – National Republican political operative who served on the Mitt Romney for U.S. President Massachusetts Finance Committee
  • Paul Gangi, Program Director – Republican political campaign operative
  • Paul Diego Craney, Spokesperson – Registered lobbyist and former head of the District of Columbia Republican Part
  • Mark Cohen, Board Chairman – CEO of OPRSystems Inc.
  • Cindy Terwilliger, Board Treasurer – Senior Vice President at Boston Private Bank
  • Michael Kane, Board Clerk – Owner of 126 Self Storage and a board member of the National Federation of Independent Businesses
  • James Rappaport, Finance Chairman – Failed Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate
  • Rick Green, Founder and Former Board Member – Republican candidate for Congress, Third Congressional District; Failed candidate for chair of Massachusetts Republican Party
  • Jim Curtis, Board Member – President of Cooperstown Environmental LLC
  • Danielle Huntley, Board Member – Principal of Huntley Inc. – Immigration law firm
  • David Parker, Board Member – Republican political campaign operative
  • Wendy Wakeman, Board Member – Republican political campaign operative
  • Brad Williams, Board Member – Founder, President and CEO of Boston Portfolio Advisors