Plate Joiners Are A Useful Addition To The Tool Kit

Plate joiners are woodworking tools used to facilitate the joining together of two plates of wood. Routers are also use to create holes but they are not as safe. The joiner actually locks into the wood while its high speed blade will cut the hole with little resistance. The router does not have the lock on feature so the potential for an accident to happen is greater.

When deciding on what model of plate joiner to purchase there are different aspects to consider such as the speed of rotation, the amps for the motor and the different kinds of cuts the tool is able to make. The higher the amps the better the power and ability to handle. There will also be less resistance to deal with.

Depending on what kinds of projects the tool will be used for there will be more or less of a need for the additional features. The buyer must decide on what the main purpose of the tool will be. Professional woodworkers will be more likely to need a versatile machine than weekend hobbyists.

Most woodworking tools have safety features so it is important to make sure that these have been enabled before using the tool. The plate joiner must be adjusted to the same thickness as the plywood pieces. A mark is made on the plate where the woodworker wants it to be joined. This must be done on both plates.

The tool is then used to make the holes at both the marks. Once executed the hole will have a wooden piece called a biscuit inserted into it and the two plates will be joined with the wooden piece holding them together. Glue is also added to hold the pieces more firmly together.

The joiner can also join to pieces of wood at right angles. The tool is used to create a hole where the biscuit is inserted. The two pieces are then glued together making for a very strong joint. The cutting and gluing can be done very quickly since the tool produces expert results very quickly.

Plate joiners are especially useful for carpenters who make such items as cabinets or furniture. There are reviews available online for all the manufactured models and it is recommended that prospective buyers take the time to do their research. The better they understand what they need the greater the likelihood that they will choose the most appropriate tool.


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